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Our female Siberians:

Baby is of our own breeding and was born in 2018. She loves to sleep up high on our bookshelves and is often found playing in our sink or anywhere she can watch running water. She often lets us know when she would like some attention and likes to 'talk' to us to communicate her wishes. She is a very smart and loving Siberian. Her name was inspired by her tiny voice and beautiful baby blues. Her mother is Lily who is now retired. Baby will be bred in the winter or Spring of 2020. I expect her to have seal point kittens as well as brown tabbies.

Olivia is of our own breeding and was born in 2018. She loves playing with feather toys and her favourite treats are goat milk & chicken. She is a very smart and loving Siberian. Her mother is Lily who is now retired. Olivia has many of the same wonderful qualities as her mother. She had her first litter of 6 in the winter of 2019 and is an amazing and very attentive mother. Kitten colours were black/brown tabbies and seal points. We expect more kittens from Olivia in the Fall of 2020.

Luna is one of our newest additions to our Cattery. She was born late in 2017. She is a striking black silver classic tabby. Luna is a friendly, very chatty Siberian who is large in size and personality. She is quite easy going in nature. She has a beautiful long coat of fur that is quite easy to maintain. Luna likes to play fetch and chase her laser light. We expect black/silver and brown kittens with Luna in the Spring of 2020. Luna's babies frequently have classic coat patterns.

Rosalinda hails from Seattle and is a rare golden classic female. She arrived in 2017 and has had a few beautiful litters since. Rosa's temperament is extremely gentle and she is always very friendly with our guests. Rosalinda's kittens inherit her very friendly disposition and we have seen many with the same classic coat pattern. Rosalinda really enjoys chasing her teaser toys and remains a kitten at heart. She can often be seen carrying her toys to her kittens, holding them in her mouth. She loves to play with her babies.